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by Sara Chan on Sep 03, 2020

Paint Party Aftermath

Hello friends!  Welcome to the blog here at MWD.  The very first post!  

Let me start out by introducing myself!  Hi, I'm Sara, owner, creator, and designer.  I'm also a full-time working mom/wife (I work in corporate America), raising two beautiful kids, 2 big dogs.   I love creating all the things.  

I also love spending time with the people that fill my bucket.  Are you a bucket filler?  Can you tell my kids are back in school?  Yes, being a bucket filler is part of what's being taught to my oldest, and first-grader.  It's the same concept of building people up or the cup fillers.  Surround yourself with good people, people who build you up, who make you feel happy. 

Sometimes we would go to those painting places that would do group classes and you could bring your own wine or other beverage of choice.  (I'm a big fan of wine, especially the sweet kinds, I have a couple of products here and here that talks a little about my love of wine.)

Would you be interested in purchasing your own paint party kit here?  I was thinking about a couple of options to have available.  One would be simply the sign/decor item ready for you to add your own magic (no glue, paint, or brushes); or a kit with the paint, some brushes, and glue to finish off your work.  What do you think? 

I posted a few designs over at our Instagram page; an underwater scene, a simple sunset, a beach scene, a cute little heart cactus, and a mountain scene.  

You can see AJ showing off his underwater scene a day after he had his tonsils out.  It was a fun distraction for him and a quiet activity.

I was thinking about having a couple of different styles for both adults and kids.  The underwater scene would be great for a kid's birthday party (when we start having parties together again).  I love the simplicity of the sunset and the calming power it had to paint and assemble and think it would be wonderful for a group of ladies to get together and have some wine with.  

Want to help guide me in the right direction?  Could you take this super quick survey?



By the way, you all are awesome.  Thank's for reading and stopping by!  


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